Missibaba’s Boombox Project

Last night we took part in Missibaba’s Boombox project held at The WHATIFTHEWORLD gallery. We were extremely chuffed to hear that our KG customised Boombox bag raised a whopping R7000 for SHIFT, an organisation dedicated to empowering youth and rural communities through the transfer of practical skills for social, environmental and economic wellbeing. Our exclusive one off design featured tanned suede covered in an array of our semi precious stones which were delicately hand stitched by our team in Durban. Well done to everyone involved and a huge congrats to the Missibaba’s for such a fantastic auction and event!

| THE BOOMBOX Project |
Collaborating with a group of the country’s leading design talents, each creative was given leather panels for a Missibaba BOOMBOX bag to customise. The customised panels were then returned to the Missibaba studio for assembly.

The one of a kind BOOMBOX bags were auctioned for charity with all proceeds donated to SHIFT, . Committed to collaborative practices, SHIFT applies their experience of human-centered design to ensure that voices are heard and needs are met through their work. SHIFT aspires beyond ‘sustainability’ – aiming to achieve prosperity, by design.

Creatives include:
Michael Taylor, Cameron Platter, John Murray, Kirsten Goss, Aisha Redpath Treppo, Ida Elsje, Stiaan Louw, Meneer + Mevrou and Missibaba.

Our KG Boombox bag

John Murray's spotted Boombox bag

Cameron Platter's boombox

The gorgeous Missibaba's with their woven Boombox creation

Milan Fashion Week Edit – More is More

Milan Fashion Week has come to a close and we’re brushing up on Spring/Summer 2015′s key trends from Italy’s hot list.
The Italians are pro’s at highly embellished luxe fabrics and this season showcases a bejewelled array of sequins and glitter, our magpie like tendencies are going to overdrive!
Our latest collection Shaman featuring deep colour and dripping chains is the perfect nod towards the embellished trend, Less is more? We think not!

How it’s made …Ghanaian glass

Our latest collection Shaman recently hit the shelves of our KG stores and we thought we would share with you where our unique glass beads came from. Back in April, Kirsten traveled to Accra, the capital city of Ghana, for some much-needed inspiration and discovered the traditional technique of making Ghanaian glass. Deep within Accra, the process of making glass beads takes time and care with each bead made entirely by hand. The beads are made from recycled glass which is crushed by hand and fired in a kiln before the makers delicately hand-paint each bead in an array of different colours and traditional patterns.

With ropes of Ghanaian glass in hand, Kirsten returned to the dream-room and the story of Shaman began…

The collection draws on influences of tribal adornment, the natural versus the supernatural and magical forces. With colour and texture playing a key role in the collection, the organically formed traditional glass combined with faceted cut semi-precious stones and highly polished metal create a beautiful juxtaposition.

Each piece from the collection that features Ghanaian glass is entirely unique to itself and cannot be reproduced >> speak to your nearest store or email info@kirstengoss.com for availability.

Ropes of hand painted Ghanaian glass beads

The yard full of recycled glass ready for crushing!

Glass is sorted into colours and crushed into tiny pieces

Stacks of crucibles (bead molds that can withstand the heat of the furnace)

Star shaped bead mold

Crucibles being fired in the kiln

Painting the beads

Intricately hand painting details onto each bead

Sticks of hand painted beads waiting to be fired in the kiln again

Mountains of hand painted Ghanaian glass beads!

Kirsten with the master bead maker choosing glass beads for Shaman