#Arcade film

Kirsten and crew have been busy on set shooting a new short film for our new forthcoming collection #Arcade. Kirsten has been working with director Clive Will, Producer Earl Redcliffe and amazing team of 30 to create an impactful, and fierce film with accents from 20’s glamour, and punk with a theatrical edge.

We’re talking an arcade machine with a toy grabber, a bucking bunny, stuffed baboons, a zebra on wheels, a crow, robots, TVs, feathers…well, you wouldn’t expect anything less from Kirsten!

Watch this space for details of the upcoming launch. It’s coming with a BANG!

The Changing face of the Rhino

Last Wednesday evening we were invited to attend an inspirational event at the Royal Geographical Society to support the fight to save the mutilated survivors of rhino poaching in South Africa. The event was informative, inspirational and emotional given from speakers including the famous Bear Grylls, Will Travers, Dr William Fowlds, and Virginia McKenna.

“Southern Africa has been gripped by a massive surge in rhino poaching in recent years. In 2007, 13 rhinos were poached. On average almost three rhinos are being poached every day and this average is increasing every month, with an estimated loss of 900 animals in 2013 alone. Rhinos are poached for their horns which, according to some South East Asian countries, have healing capabilities and other medicinal uses and values. Modern science has however proved that the horn carries absolutely no medical value and in fact the horn is made up of the same protein, Keratin, which makes up our fingernails. Yet the demand for the product continues to increase.

While current international discussions for bringing an end to poaching include; legalising the rhino horn trade, dehorning rhinos, stricter law enforcement, decreasing demand through bans or education, and an improved consolidated and collaborative approach, the situation remains serious.” – Mantis

Here at Kirsten Goss, we donated a Lifesaver Refined – 45cm delicate 18kt Gold Vermeil chain with a red Jade maxi pendant and Lila hand crafted pendant in 18kt Gold Vermeil. Paired with 18kt Gold Vermeil Chloe drops with dyed red Jade stones. Our donated jewellery raised £590 at the auction presented by James Lewis on the evening.

The event raised in excess of £20,000 which will be used to support the ongoing fight against rhino poaching. We were very proud to be able to show our support at the event and encourage others to support the cause.

To give your support and read more about the cause visit: http://www.voicesofconservation.org/

Hosted by: The Changing Face of the Rhino
Venue: Royal Geographical Society, London
In Association with: Mantis
Date: 18th September 2013

London Fashion Week 2013

London Fashion Week Round-up – 13-17 September 2013

5 days, guests from over 50 countries, live streams to over 100 countries, 73,000 #LFW’s on instagram, 15 presentations, 58 shows, 52 events, 1 city. LONDON.

I think it’s fair to say LFW is a very inspirational time in the world of fashion and London has once again proven to be the centre of youthful, experimental and creative designs. There seems to be no holding back in terms of expression, eccentricity and transformational forms.

Here at KG London we are loving the new collections from designers Christopher Kane, Peter Pilotto, favourite – Mary Katrantzou and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi.

Watch the round-up here:

Dylan Lewis with Christie’s

On Tuesday 17th September we had the pleasure of attending a private viewing and presentation by the sculptor Dylan Lewis on his latest work from the UNTAMED SERIES at Christie’s Mayfair on new Bond Street, London. The evening began with an insightful talk by Dylan detailing his journey from childhood leading up to his latest work. He gave a beautiful, honest and interesting account of his inspirations from his childhood and his love of art and nature. He noted how it was only on the death of his father than he began to sculpt using clay in his late father’s studio.

His presentation explored his feelings about our lost sense of equilibrium in nature and what a disconnected and psychologically lonely and fragmented species we have become. His feelings are that “We have forgotten that we are the human animal, biologically and psychologically bound to the earth and all living things, a part of the web of life.”

“Dylan Lewis’s reputation as one of the world’s finest wildlife sculptors is already established, but does not end there. For him, wild animals and the wild areas in which they live are far more than elegant subjects of art; they are an essential part of human identity. Wildness and wilderness, he believes, are not only ‘out there’: they exist within each one of us, if only we would realise it. – Dylan’s powerful and potentially disturbing works – humans with animal masks, some with claws, others with wings or horns – are all mirrors of the essential nakedness of the human-animal interface, and fitting reminders of where we have come from.” – Ian McCallum, Psychiatrist, analytical psychologist, wilderness guide and poet

After submerging ourselves into Dylan’s world we were able to flow through the gallery absorbing the atmosphere and admiring his moving sculptures. A truly, inspiring evening.

Hosted by: Christie’s Mayfair
Venue: 103 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1ST
Date: 17th September 2013

For more info: http://www.christiesprivatesales.com/exhibitions/untamed/index.aspx

Ooh Miista!

Kirsten was out and about in East London yesterday morning, meeting up with Laura & Georgie from irreverent shoe brand Miista! She was selecting shoes for our upcoming fashion film showcasing our new Arcade collection and took a fancy to these lush iridescent beauties.